SLC FENDI Technique – Follicular Extraction and Needle Direct Implantation

Our advanced hair transplantation technique leaves no marks and no scars. It facilitates the transplantation of more follicles in a single session.

At Swiss Luxury Clinic our innovative hair restoration technique treats hair loss and baldness using finer instruments in a more elegant way of treatment in comparison to old and conventional hair transplant techniques. The SLC FENDI Technique guarantees a safe treatment without pain, no transplantation or hair grafting marks and a more effective and natural result with high density for the rest of you life.

State-of-the-art method

The traditional hair transplantation method uses strips of skin which are removed from the donor area, leaving a permanent scar which is considered an unacceptable technique given of the technologies and knowledge that we have today.
Using a more advanced method called follicular method extraction or FUE, follicular units, that is groups of one to four individual hair follicles, are transferred, leading to minor, hole-shaped scars. This technique is less painful, more effective and provides a more natural result. Both methods are still used by several hair transplantation providers.

At Swiss Luxury Clinic we are a further step among them and closer to perfection by using finer tools and a direct and absolutely pain-free & highly effective method to achieve a completely natural result without any scars, this method is the SLC FENDI Technique – Swiss Luxury Clinic Follicular Extraction and Needle Direct Implantation Technique.

SLC FENDI Technique

The SLC FENDI Technique is a minimally invasive procedure. Our high qualified medical team of hair transplant experts is proficient in carrying out customized transplants. The high qualified medical team of hair transplant experts of Swiss Luxury Clinics is fully-fledged in carrying out customized hair transplants under high standards of safety and hygiene.

Fast and pain-free recovery

Hair transplantation sessions are carried out under local anesthesia. The process leaves minute holes of 0.8 to 1.0 mm. This allows the client to return to his/her everyday activities.

Natural results

Our technique guarantees you about the full re-growth of your hair – far more than can be achieved with any other method. The transplanted hair will look natural and without any difference to your original hair. The SLC FENDI Technique offers you a permanent result of high density with a completely natural new hairline compatible with your face structure and features.

The SLC FENDI Technique is the solution that can help you regain both your hair and your confidence.
You will be changing your attitude for the rest of your life in just few hours.

Flexible customized service

Our technique allows several short or extended sessions, depending on your needs and wishes.

Unshaved or without having a haircut

As it is a treatment and not a surgery there is no need for shaving or cutting the hair from the region that the hair follicles will be extracted (donor area).

Direct implantation

Right after the hair follicle extraction there is a direct implantation of the hair follicles without any manipulation of the follicles.