Home Remedies for Dry Scalp

Home Remedies for Dry Scalp

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 Having a dry scalp is an issue that many adults have to deal with. Even though it doesn’t sound like an important matter, it can entail many symptoms that can impact one’s life on a day to day basis. Dry skin can be accompanied by persistent itchiness, dandruff, soreness, and in more severe cases, hair loss. Dry scalp can have many different causes, however, the most common is a reaction to the change in weather or bad ingredients in hair care products. In addition, dehydration or washing your hair very often can be the culprit. In some cases, medical conditions such as eczema or psoriasis can also be the cause. No matter what the cause is, our experts have put together some home remedies that you can try in order to tackle the dry scalp issue.

Aloe vera has many beneficial properties that can help with the dry scalp. First of all, it has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin irritation and it doubles as a moisturizing agent. You can try hair products that contain aloe vera or pure aloe vera gel. To use, apply it to your scalp and let it sit for 10 minutes and wash it out. Moreover, you can try aloe vera supplements and drinking aloe vera juice.

Coconut oil is widely know for its health benefits and of course, it can also be a great way to deal with dry scalp. Coconut oil moisturizes the scalp while also having anti fungal and anti bacterial properties that can assist in reducing infections. It can also help to treat atopic dermatitis. Apply a small amount of melted coconut oil directly to the scalp and massage it into the skin. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash your hair as you normally would.

Apple cider vinegar is another great home remedy for dry scalp. It is antimicrobial, which means that it can eliminate the bacteria and fungi that cause the itchiness. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which will help in exfoliating the scalp that can result in the treatment of the dry scalp. In order to use, mix one part apple cider vinegar, with two parts of water and apply it to the scalp. Let it sit for five minutes and wash it out with a gentle shampoo and conditioner like you normally would.

 We, at Swiss Luxury Clinic, understand how stressful dealing with hair and scalp issues can be. This is why we strive to provide you with all the necessary information that can ease your anxiety around these issues. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions that you would like answered!

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