Female hair transplant surgery is a reality.

Female hair transplant surgery is a reality.

  • 16 Jul 2

Female hair transplant surgery is a reality.

We well know that hair loss is something that impacts a wide variety of people.

Hair loss may seem like a more prominent problem in men.

But women are nearly as likely to lose, or have thinning.

Young as well as who is over the hill.

At various ages and can severely affect self-confidence.

Female hair loss in particular, can be a tough issue.

Most women notice it in their 50s or 60s, but it can happen at any age.

During the last twenty years there has been a dramatic proliferation of women baldness.

Women have been seeking for hair loss treatment and therapies.

Way too often unsuccessfully.

Nowadays, the new frontier of hair transplant finally made a change.

New hair transplant treatments has helped countless women restoring their hair.

Getting treatment for hair loss through hair transplant surgery is a reality for women finally.

A method designed for different levels of severity of hair loss.

Regardless the reasons.

Typically, each time a hair is shed, it is replaced by hair that is equal in size.

In women with female-pattern hair loss, the new hair is finer and thinner.

Actually a more miniaturized hair.

Medication, illness, infection have the potential to cause hair loss.

Furthermore is believed to be caused by an interplay of genetic and hormonal factors.

Signs of female pattern hair loss, also called androgenetic alopecia.

If a patient’s relatives look like if they have similar is a telltale of heritance.

Eventually this technique have led to a number of women life changing results. 

Men’s hair tends to recede from the forehead or the crown of the head.

Women tend to thinning on the top third to one half of the scalp

As in the men is important creating as natural looking results as possible.

Results that are undetectable to outsiders.

Expertise and experience in female hair transplant surgery are a must.


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    女性用 育毛 シャンプーも選択を失敗するとお金の無駄です。

    • Dimitris Karoutis July 22, 2017 at 11:03 am - Reply

      ありがとうございました D.K.

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