Eyebrow Restoration


Eyebrows, the most important communicating feature on our face after our mouth. Eyebrows serve for two very important reasons. They protect the eye socket, from debris, extreme sunlight and sweat, but most importantly; Eyebrows play a unique role in oral communication, eyebrows have been known to express feelings even when isolated. Apart from expression, the Eyebrows have been known to define the shape of the eye and also make individual facial features stand out, E.g Cheek bones.

This is why, such an important feature of our face cannot be missing. This is also the reason many women and men in the past have been looking for unique ways to restore their Eyebrow shape with ink and other non – natural ways which results in a non – natural look.


 However, Swiss Luxury Clinic as the world’s most advanced medical group has a solution for this problem. With our new FENDI – Personality Technique you are able to customize your own eyebrow shape and density for a lifetime all-natural look.