Our clients deserve the best, and we provide it.

We find the optimal hair treatment for each client, based on his or her specific needs.

Hair restoration treatments mean more than just providing a medical service. Hair loss or baldness are issues that can cause insecurities and lead to loss of self-esteem. At the Swiss Luxury Clinic we fully understand our clients’ concerns and we focus on creating a trustful atmosphere so that they feel at ease when entrusting us with their hair loss issues.

We are passionate about what we do and always aim at the best possible solution for our clients. During the consultation with our clients we will honestly discuss what is feasible and what not. All the information that is necessary to make a client feel more at ease with their hair treatment will be provided. Whenever possible innovative methods and techniques that are safe and tested will be applied, if traditional methods are not appropriate. Our creative and resourceful medical staff aims at being the best and achieving the best, always using our diverse strengths and interests to your advantage.

At Swiss Luxury Clinic we look into your specific needs and try to understand and fulfill your expectations. In accordance to your wishes and expectations, we proceed with providing the best hair restoration treatment always providing great value for the money spent.

At SLC we offer the best advice and all the necessary information concerning the hair restoration process in a relaxed and pleasant environment, leaving the final call on proceeding with the treatment solely on the client.