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Hair loss basics
 Hair loss can be a very stressful issue and can impact anyone regardless of their gender or age.   Hair loss impacts the way we feel about ourselves and can easily shake our confidence, leading to bigger emotional issues. There are various reasons why hair loss can occur and there are also many treatment options, from home remedies to more invasive techniques.   This blog post aims to explain how our hair grows and underline the most common reasons why hair loss may...

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How to get rid of beard scars? Wheter it is due to acne, accidents or shaving, a solution exists
How to get rid of beard scars ? As far as the scars are concerned, wherever there is a scar, whether it is due to acne, accidents or shaving there are no hair follicles in the scar. There are also medical reasons for such an unpleasant condition but in terms of therapy makes no difference. In these areas no hair will ever grow (since there is no hair follicle), unless of course you decide to care of it. Now, there are different ways to cover up the...

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Facial hair loss: Can’t grow a full beard? Maybe that’s why!
Facial hair loss determine a man's grooming. A man may discover, to his extreme dismay, that his beard cannot grow the full while his friends proudly show off masculine beard or a moustache. He may have full sideburns or just a sparseness or patchiness to his existing facial hair. This condition can change a person’s appearance substantially, especially when it comes to young men. Hair loss actually changes the appearance of the face. Facial hair loss can occur for a wide range of reasons,...

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Low cost hair transplant? What a deal! Care of your well-being
 Low cost hair transplant, especially after the surgery, is something that most people give a lot of thought to. According to the common comments you can find out while searching on the internet, many hair transplant patients are unhappy with their results. They think that the result should be fuller. The density should be higher and that the recovery time is way too long. Besides that, the fact that they also completely  shaved their head dramatically changes their figure. Life after a...

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