Get advanced treatment of hair loss and baldness

Our specialists’ state-of-the-art hair transplantation technique guarantees you the best and most successful treatment possible.

The look of our hair has a huge impact on how we feel and see ourselves. Increasing stress levels, improper diet, sleeplessness and other modern lifestyle problems can have a detrimental effect on our hair and scalp and have led baldness or partial hair loss to be a common problem.

We know how distressing baldness or hair loss can be. That is why we offer guaranteed solutions to small and advanced hair problems. Our expert doctors and surgeons analyze the extent of current and recurring hair loss and provide advanced solutions to curb hair loss and cover baldness with cutting-edge hair transplants.

Sophisticated hair transplant technique

We are committed to restoring your hair using a technologically advanced, safe and certified hair transplant technique. Our pool of specialists studies your face structure and hair profile and conducts precise hair transplants that help you regain your image prior to the hair loss.

Customized services provided by committed staff

Our scientific staff are committed to providing high-quality customized services for each individual customer. With our SLC FENDI Technique for hair transplantation we can guarantee that there is no pain, no stitches and no searing … only an immediate return to social life!

Medical expertise through professional interaction

We continuously evolve our expertise with memberships in renowned professional associations.

Our aim is to continuously develop our knowledge and expertise. Therefore, SLC experts are members of renowned international medical associations. We nurture these memberships to stay up-to-date with the latest advances in hair transplantation.

We have established strong bonds with acknowledged experts in the field of hair restoration giving us the chance to foster medical innovations and thus advance the standard of hair transplantation through constant interaction with international fellow professionals.

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