True or False? Everything you need to know about hair loss.

True or false? How can you always know and find ways to filter what you hear or read regarding hair loss?

In our days, there are so many sources of information, which makes it extremely difficult to know which sources to believe and rely on. We at Swiss Luxury Clinic want to make sure that you have a “safe place” where you will know that all questions will be answered honestly and always keeping your needs and concerns in mind.

Read below to find out the most common myths about hair loss.

Trust us in this journey and we will make sure that you receive the utmost care and best results. We always aim to help patients understand the problem before they take action. 

True or False: Hair transplantation, when done correctly is a minimally invasive procedure.  

Our advanced hair transplantation technique leaves no marks and no scars. It facilitates the transplantation of more follicles in a single session. At Swiss Luxury Clinic our innovative hair restoration technique treats hair loss and baldness using finer instruments in a more elegant way of treatment in comparison to old and conventional hair transplant techniques. The SLC FENDI Technique guarantees a safe treatment without pain, no transplantation or hair grafting marks and a more effective and natural result with high density for the rest of you life.

True or False: The sooner I get the hair transplantation, the better. 

There are two different ways to approach hair loss. When a young person loses his/her hair, not only does it impact his/her appearance, but his/her self-esteem. This is why we recommend to start dealing with the problem from an early stage. On the other hand, you can wait until the problem has progressed but why wait and miss out on feeling good about yourself at a young age rather than gain your confidence back when you’re older? You can leave it all up to us and we will make sure that you get your hair and your confidence back!

True or False: People will be able to tell that I have had a hair transplant. 

The traditional hair transplantation method uses strips of skin which are removed from the donor area, leaving a permanent scar. Using a more advanced method called follicular method extraction or FUE, follicular units, that is groups of one to four individual hair follicles, are transferred, leading to minor, hole-shaped scars. This technique is less painful, more effective and provides a more natural result. Both methods are still used by several hair transplantation providers. At Swiss Luxury Clinic we are a further step among them and closer to perfection by using finer tools and a direct and absolutely pain-free & highly effective method to achieve a completely natural result without any scars, this method is the SLC FENDI Technique – Swiss Luxury Clinic Follicular Extraction and Needle Direct Implantation Technique.

True or False: Hair transplants can fall out over time.

The results of a hair transplant, unlike the more fast and less invasive techniques, such as using special shampoos or certain products, will never fade. Our results are guaranteed to help you solve the hair loss issue once and fore-all. This is because we use the healthy hair on your head and we transplant it to the areas that suffer. Once the healing begins, the follicular units can no longer be moved.

Change your Hair Change your Life.

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