Essential Tips for Summer Hair Care

During the summer our routine often changes. Sometimes we do not pay as much attention to protecting our hair and body from the sun, heat, and humidity. However, summertime is when we need to be more careful and take good care of hair body. Read on to find some tips to help keep your hair happy and healthy during the hot summer months!

When you’re out in the sun for a prolonged period of time use a hat or a scarf to cover it up. Not only does this provide extra UV protection, but it also helps your scalp to remain well moisturized. Moreover, you should consider washing your hair less often. Frequent washing strips the scalp of its natural oils, which results in additional oil production.

Sunscreen is a must-have product! There are shampoos that contain UV protection but you can also easily find sunscreen spray that is especially made for hair protection. You may use a natural spray for moisture when needed. Using natural ingredients such as aloe vera, avocado oil, or argan oil mixed with water, you can spray small amounts to your hair when feeling that the scalp is dry. In addition, you may use some coconut oil or shea butter to smooth, de-frizz, and moisturize your hair after washing.

Women should avoid putting their hair up in tight ponytails. A loose braid is ideal for keeping hair under control and minimizing exposure to the sun. Tight hairstyles can be damaging because they tend to pull and tear hair, especially if it is dry from the summer heat. Moreover, try to reduce the heat as much as possible. This means blow-drying or using flat-irons it as little as possible. Since it is already exposed to the heat on a daily basis, a natural air-dry is the way to go to protect your hair from additional heat.

Following these tips will help keep your hair safe and healthy during the summer months. But don’t forget that we at Swiss Luxury Clinic are committed to provide you an impressive quality in our services. Your hair treatment is a process of high care and responsibility! This is why we are always available to discuss with you any issues that you are encountering. You may also use our free online consultation form. With our hair loss assessment tool you can provide significant information to us concerning your hair loss problem! You can find the free consultation form here:

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