How to get rid of beard scars? Whether it is due to acne, accidents or shaving, a solution exists

How to get rid of beard scars_ Whether it is due to acne, accidents or shaving, a solution exists

How to get rid of beard scars?

As far as the scars are concerned, wherever there is a scar, whether it is due to acneaccidents or shaving there are no hair follicles in the scar.

There are also medical reasons for such an unpleasant condition but in terms of therapy makes no difference.

In these areas, no hair will ever grow (since there is no hair follicle) unless of course, you decide to care for it.

Now, there are different ways to cover up the scar, one for example, is that of letting your beard grow long so that it hopefully covers it. However, this is not really the way to go about it, since a beard this long takes time and effort to keep clean and groomed. Lately, hair transplant is the most promising procedure.

More specifically, Beard hair transplant. It is a procedure that is carried out in the same manner as a regular FUE hair transplant.

The FUE technique is the most popular and most effective technique used for beard scars and baldness.

The principles of  FUE procedure are applied on the beard, It involves taking the hair from the donor site follicle by follicle and transplanting it with the finest needle available on the recipient site.

The hair perfectly blends in with the rest of the facial hair becoming one and completing the overall picture of the beard. The results are natural and the regrowth total!

The procedure does not require more than one session. In other terms “you probably just have to take a sick day off”.

The procedure takes a few hours and it is carried out with local anesthesia.

Just a few days after the transplant, you can trim your new beard, the same way you have been used to do.

The cost is affordable, even if the price of the session depends on the number of the follicular unit that will be implanted.

The results are great and with the complete re-growth of a now complete beard, patients witness a dramatic change in their confidence which helps them in every aspect of their life.

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