Facial hair loss: Can’t grow a full beard? Maybe that’s why!

How to get rid of beard scars_ Whether it is due to acne, accidents or shaving, a solution exists (1)

Facial hair loss determines a man’s grooming.

A man may discover, to his extreme dismay, that his beard cannot grow the full while his friends proudly show off a masculine beard or a mustache.

He may have full sideburns or just a sparseness or patchiness to his existing facial hair.

This condition can change a person’s appearance substantially, especially when it comes to young men.

Hair loss actually changes the appearance of the face.

Facial hair loss can occur for a wide range of reasons, such as genetics, family trait or as a result of facial hair not growing well, in a thinly or patchy pattern on the face.

Another reason can be trauma like a cut in the skin where hair is growing and leave a scar develops, no hair can grow in that damaged tissue.

There are also medical reasons for such hair loss like alopecia areata which can affect the eyebrows, sideburns, mustache as well as beard.

Many who suffer from this condition, have been trying to figure out how to fix this problem, with all types of treatments, ranging from ink to cover-up methods. 

Others simply decided to give up, shave off their beard and abandon to the style they were going for.

But an effective solution does exist: hair transplant.

It has been known as a surgical technique that moves hair follicles from the scalp of the head; the donor site, to a bald area; the recipient site. 

It was primarily used to treat males as well as a female pattern of baldness. This is a minimally invasive procedure.

It can now also be used to restore beard eyelashes, eyebrows, beard hair and to fill in scars caused by accidents or surgery and previous hair transplants.

Hair transplant, effectively allows you to customize the density and the shape of your beard.

The results are all-natural and last for a lifetime, restoring the confidence of the patients.

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