Hair transplantation: 5+ 1 Common Myths

Hair transplantation

Many have at least once researched this, even more, are afraid of the procedure, and fewer dare to do it. According to recent research, the number of people who go for hair transplantation has been growing impressively. Why? Hair transplantation and its new technologies are more easy and effective, without being painful. However, there are still some common myths to debunk:

1. I am too old to have a hair transplant:  Part of hair transplantation is to predict future loss and to make sure that your new, transplanted hair will blend in with it. According to that and the healthy hair that is still on your head- especially on the sides and back – it is decided if you are “old” or “young” enough for hair transplantation. Biological age doesn’t have much to do with the procedure. However, it is much easier to determine the future pattern of hair loss in individuals who are over 30. So, transplants can and are done on younger people, but this varies from person to person and should be examined on a case-by-case basis.

2. Hair transplants are expensive:  If you think of the long-term benefits, you can understand that they are not expensive. It’s something permanent, with safe results, which will change your whole appearance and life! From the moment you get a hair transplant, you will benefit from the hair regrowth for the rest of your life. So, it turns out that having a hair transplant can be cheaper than taking medication or other therapies for years in order to keep or regrow your hair.

3. Hair transplants can fall out:  A hair transplant is permanent and will last, without doubt, for the rest of your life. Why? Because the “healthy” hair on the sides and back of your head is transplanted. Follicular units (which is the most basic natural grouping of hair) are impossible to dislodge after the first day when the healing mechanisms set in. During the first 24 hours, follicular units are kept in place by tiny blood clots that are strong enough to withstand most forces – but at the same time, it is important to take it easy during this period.

4. It’s easy to tell if someone has had a hair transplant:  This used to be true. Nowadays, with the new precise techniques, it is very difficult to tell if someone has had one or not. The result is really natural since it comes from your own hair!

5. It’ s a painful procedure:  No, it isn’t! You can enjoy your life and activities from the very first day, if not hours, with your new, impressive hair. Hair transplantation isn’t painful either during the procedure or after it. Most of our patients go back to work a few hours later and don’t feel any pain at all!

6. It’s better to get it done when you first start to grow bald:  Research has shown that it is better to wait until a pattern develops so that the doctors are able to be better tell which hair is more likely to be good candidates for transplantation. It’s easier when you have more hair on the sides and back of your head, but that doesn’t mean that if your problem is bigger there is no “hair” solution!

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