Is Hair Loss Hereditary?

Is Hair Loss Hereditary

Hair thinning or hair loss is the end result that we seek to treat. However which is the most common cause of hair loss?

Nutrition, trauma, drugs, infection and a wide range of causes have been pinpointed as potential triggers for hair loss. However, the most common cause of hair loss is hereditary-pattern baldness. Hereditary-pattern baldness is not a disease, but a natural condition caused by some blend of geneticshormone levels, and the aging process.

Almost all men and women will notice hair loss or hair thinning as they age. However, up to 40% of men and women will experience a more obvious form of this condition. Hair loss typically begins in the 20s and 30s, although in women the changes are most noticeable after menopause. The condition is also called androgenic alopecia and, in men, male-pattern baldness.

Male-pattern baldness follows a pattern of a receding hairline, followed by thinning of the hair on the crown and temples. During female-pattern baldness, hair usually only thins on top of the head.  

Researchers have begun to understand more about the cause of this type of hair loss. Under the influence of a form of the male hormone testosterone, the normal cycle of hair growth changes, resulting in shorter, thinner or “contracted” hair. Eventually, hair growth in certain parts of the scalp stops entirely, which causes the typical pattern of hair loss. Contrary to the folk wisdom that baldness is inherited from one’s mother’s family, the condition seems to depend on genes contributed by both parents.

More common types of hair loss, such as male-pattern baldness, are a natural part of aging and do not pose a risk to your health. However, any type of hair loss can be distressing and can affect your attitude. Therefore we suggest proceeding with a consultation session so that the specialist can diagnose your type of hair loss by examining your hair, and providing the best treatment that suits your needs.

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