Trust the experts in hair transplantation

A sensitive matter like hair loss is reason enough to turn to renowned experts whose experience you can trust.

Welcome to Swiss Luxury Clinic – the leading experts in the field of advanced, safe and customized hair transplantation.

Hair is considered to be a sign of youth, health and beauty for all men and women worldwide. The loss of hair or even baldness can render a severe blow to one's self-confidence.

Swiss Luxury Clinic’s (SLC) experts are by you to restore your confidence by offering expert hair transplantation and hair loss treatments. Our specialized medical doctors are happy to offer you excellent personalized solutions for natural, healthy and strong hair forever. SLC not only offers cutting-edge and effective hair transplants but also first-rate medical treatment that further curbs the progression of hair loss and baldness. Hair transplantation is a matter of trust – our highly qualified medical team ensures you about a safe, pleasant and relaxing stay in the luxurious atmosphere at our upper class clinics.

SLC medical doctors are specialized at SLC FENDI Technique – Follicular Extraction and Needles Direct Implantation. This amazing state-of-the-art hair restoration technique is based on the proven FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technology and guarantees natural results by using a fully customized and innovative method of implantation.

This method is performed in sterilized and high qualified clinics providing a very high level of safety and excelling with Swiss quality, precision, and service. It guarantees:

  • pain-free
  • natural appearance of the transplanted hair
  • increased hair density
  • customized hairline design
  • undetectable post-operative marks
  • safe and certified hair transplant process
  • regained confidence and youthful looks